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Optimum Health Requires the Mind, Body, and Spirit to be in Balance

Passionate About Helping People Overcome Chronic Illness and Teaching Healthy Living

Lisa Discusses Strategies for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu Strategies

Cold and Flu Strategies

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Watch Lisa's videos explaining her work, Chronic Illness, Allergies, Microbial Infections and more: 

In 2004 both of my young children were diagnosed with 2 incurable medical conditions. One of which was life threatening.  I was introduced to a another mom that had a child with the same conditions that was using alternative treatments to help him recover.  That started my quest in my own journey to help my kids and myself in the process.  I researched treatments, biochemistry, energy medicine, homeopathy, herbs, vitamins and chelation.  I spoke with parents all over the world about therapies that were working.  

In 2006 I started working with a doctor that mentored me and together we explored new therapies trying them on myself and my children and then incorporating them in protocols for patients.  In 2008 I started attending workshops to learn about  addressing dysregulation in the autonomic nervous system, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, hidden infections and emotional trauma.  This is when I realized I found my life purpose.

I continue to educate myself collaborating with practitioners in many modalities to learn new ways to help my clients.  In 2016 after 10 years of mentoring I took a leap of faith and started my own practice.  There is no greater joy than taking care of clients giving them the personal time and attention they deserve.

Training and Certifications

Autonomic Feedback Testing

Certified Body Ecologist

PA Licensed Esthetician

Energetic Detox

Allergy Elimination

Bio Energetic Balancing

Emotional Trauma

Chronic Illness

General Detox

I call my work Intuitive Healing.

Intuitive Healing sessions use a variety of modalities incorporating quantum and light physics, direct resonance, applied kinesiology, herbs, frequency medicine, energetic detox, allergy elimination, color  therapy, eye movements, breathing, chakra balancing and clinical experience to bring balance back to the body for vibrant health. Environmental toxins, high electromagnetic fields, poor food and water quality, hidden infections, stress and emotional trauma can cause a variety of symptoms from pain to brain fog, anxiety, depression, weight gain, GI dysfunction, autism, auto immune disease, hormone issues, skin issues...get back in balance and feel great again!

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Lisa Thomassen 

"I have had many successful careers in my life, but it wasn't until I started helping people overcome health challenges did I find purpose in my life."

Contact me directly to set up an appointment.


I work both in office and remotely. 

Office Location: 

Travato Nutrition

701 Horsham Road

Horsham, PA 19044

Parking and entrance is in the back of the building.  Proceed upstairs and I will meet you in the waiting area.

Please call my cell phone, 215-578-4062, when you arrive so I know you are here.

Click on the address below for an interactive Google Map: 


90 Minute Sessions for New Patients:  $150.00

1 Hour Follow-Up Sessions: $100.00

Remote and In-office session pricing

Pure Harmony



Here are a few of the benefits....

  • release past trauma, imbalances, and disharmony

  • get the mind and body into harmony and balance

  • enhance natural energy and vitality


Polished or

Brushed/Matte Finish

Solid Stainless Steel

$149 plus shipping

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