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Hidden Food Allergies and Leaky Gut Syndrome

When you eat a food that you have a hidden allergy/sensitivity to, your body’s immune system is activated and it attacks this food.  This causes inflammation in the gut and digestive problems.  Because this food cannot be digested properly, it then becomes food and fuel for Candida and yeast, which can lead to a candida and yeast overgrowth and chronic infections in the digestive track.  This overgrowth of candida yeast often leads to leaky gut problems which mean that microscopic holes are formed in the lining of the intestinal walls of the gut.  This allows for undigested food to flow into your bloodstream where your immune system recognizes these foods as a threat. 


These threatening undigested foods that can become new hidden food allergies/sensitivities.  If you have leaky gut syndrome and are eating the same foods almost every day, there is a very good chance that you will have a hidden allergy/sensitivity to most these foods. Therefore, rotating your food groups and not eating the same foods every day is important in preventing new hidden food allergies from occurring.  

Most Common Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities

While it is possible to have hidden food allergies/sensitivities to any food, these are some of the most common offending foods:

  • Gluten

  • Wheat

  • Dairy

  • Eggs

  • Corn

  • Soy

  • Shrimp

  • Beef

  • Tomatoes/night shades

  • Apples

  • Bananas

  • Sugar

  • Peanuts

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Besides experiencing the Physical and Mental symptoms listed above, one rule to follow is that you will crave your hidden food allergies/sensitivities.  For example, you may say, “I just love this food” or you may say, “ I can give up any food except for this food”. Chances are the food that you “love” or you “just can’t give up” is the food that you may have the worst hidden allergy/sensitivity to.    

Why is this you ask?  This may be confusing because after eating a food you crave, you may initially feel good and almost high, but then after the initial positive response, the negative symptoms of low energy occur, and then your craving for the food may return for another attempted energy boost and high. 

Do you crave specific foods in the same way an alcoholic or drug addict craves alcohol and/or drugs?  If so, then you probably have hidden food allergies/sensitivities to those foods. It must be noted, just because you don’t have a craving for a certain food doesn’t mean that you don’t have a hidden allergy or sensitivity to that food.

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