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Michael Hochstetler is a international 5 * licensed  Grand Prix rider and trainer.


I take horses that nobody wants and give them a second chance in life.


I had a little criminally minded ill mannered athletic horse named Harley,that was literally left at my barn out of frustration.  This horse had gone through ALL the big time international trainers- no one could get him over an jump and those that could, couldn't do it again!!!


For whatever reason, he and I were instantly bonded.


After months of getting him fit,  he still was not performing well.  In desperation I called Robert to see if there was anything that he could do. Robert harmonized him with a Pure Harmony Pendant to release past trauma and imbalances.

This troubled horse within 1 week went from stopping and not jumping over a 2 foot jump, to impressively jumping 5+ foot jumps smoothly and effortlessly.  Needless to say, he went on and jumped at the highest level in competition.

As a professional rider and trainer, I am confident that Robert and the Pure Harmony Pendant can be game-changer for you and your horse as well.  He can even work with you and your horse remotely over the phone without being there in person.  I have experienced great success with Robert's remote work recently with 3 world class horses, that I am currently training.  


While a lot of people are looking for an instant fix, the results with the Pure Harmony Pendant are incredible and not like anything I've ever experienced.  I feel that every horse and trainer would see noticeable improvements and benefits.  It's definitely worth it.  


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