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Michael Hochstetler is a international 5 * licensed  Grand Prix rider.


I take horses that nobody wants and give them a second chance in life.


I had a 6 year old mare named Lexi, that came to me severely damaged and broken emotionally and structurally.  Eventually, she trusted me enough to ride and train her taking me all over Wellington in all the rings.


I felt like she was ready to market for sale as she was the most striking mare any one had ever seen and was coming along great.


The minute she saw someone come around the corner with their saddle she would stretch up as tall as she could (she was already 17.3) pinned her ears and would strike with both front feet, Gnash her teeth and pins her ears until the person would high tail it out of my barn.


This went on for months and soon, everyone knew she was unrideable except by me. 


My water skiing friends told me of Robert.  We made arrangements for him to come see the mare.


Robert who had never been around horses much, shows up from the lake with flip flops and shorts.  I had the mare in the cross-ties and immediately she went to strike Robert and even tried to kick him. Even though Lexi was flailing and kicking, Robert placed the Pure Harmony Pendant on Lexi and started the harmonizing process.  


Within 30 seconds she let go, dropped her head and gave up.




You could visibly see Lexi exhale deeply and then energetically shift. If you've ever seen a horse cry, this mare did.  It was like a giant wave of calm had entered the barn and a massive cloud left.  


From that moment on I witnessed a wonderful personality change in Lexi. Within a month of working with Robert, the mare was sold for more money than I had originally priced her for.


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