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Oxygen Therapies Overview



The source of life is Oxygen. It is the most important nutrient known to man. Oxygen is essential for optimum health and wellbeing.  Oxygen slows the aging process and prevents disease.  With adequate amounts of oxygen, your cells pulse with energy and the body vibrates with life.  Improved oxygen utilization empowers the body to a life that is enjoyable, fun, and worth living.   

I have been using cutting edge Oxygen Therapies for years now and I can honestly say that Oxygen Therapy has changed my life and has had a greater impact on my health and wellbeing than any food or supplement ever has.   I know that they can potentially be as life-changing for you as they have been for me.  

Listed below are the 3 Oxygen Therapies that I utilize almost daily. 

EWOT - Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

My Personal Experience

I have personally been using EWOT for 6 months now and I can personally say that it has dramatically boosted my overall energy levels and sense of well-being. It has greatly improved my athletic performance and training in the gym.  I strongly suggest EWOT for anyone who wants a major boost in their overall performance levels on the athletic field or in the gym.  It can be life-changing as well for anyone looking to prevent or win the battle against some sort of chronic illness or condition.  It is truly life-changing! 

What is EWOT?

EWOT is breathing pure oxygen at higher levels through a specially designed mask during exercise.  You can use a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical, etc.



The benefits of Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is simply astounding.  There is no other term to best describe this simple and impactful therapy.  EWOT requires very little time, is simple to do, and requires relatively inexpensive equipment. 

Oxygen therapy can truly be life changing, prevent the onset of so-called "age-related" and chronic diseases, increase your vitality, and prolong your life.  Many world class athletes have discovered the “game changing” benefits of EWOT; faster recovery, increased endurance and strength, decreased inflammation, decreased soreness (or no soreness), faster recovery from injury, just to name of few.

An athlete can train longer and harder without fatigue or soreness, resulting in a more effective workout in the same amount of time. An athlete's body operates optimally when the blood is oxygen rich. World Class Athletes will train in the lower elevations to breathe a higher purity of oxygen to increase performance and recovery.  While the purity of oxygen that these athletes breathe at lower elevations is only  2-5% more than the standard 21% of oxygen they breathe on average.  Although the 2 – 5 % increase seems small, it makes a huge impact.  EWOT will increase your oxygen purity by at least 40%  which is 10x more than training in the lowest elevation. This will make an enormous impact on your training.


Equipment Involved?

Requires a special EWOT Oxygen mask,  pure oxygen supply, regulator, 8 - 15 Liters per Minute of pure oxygen,   and only 15 minutes of your time.  EWOT has already changed the lives of thousands of people.

Some of the benefits for the average person to the serious athlete:

  • Dramatically improves oxygenation of the cells and tissues


  • Speeds recovery from strenuous workouts


  • Speeds recovery and healing from stress related illnesses


  • Help prevent age-related diseases such as chronic fatigue, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cataracts, macular degeneration, 'non-healing' wounds (and so much more!)


  •  Slow down (or Reverse!) the aging process


  •  Increase the diameter of the blood vessels (capillaries) that provide oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells


  • Jet Lag Recovery


  • Stimulate the Immune System


  • Lose Body Fat


  • EWOT can reverse chronically low oxygen saturation of your blood.

For more information on how EWOT can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.  Feel free to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

Ozone Therapy

My Personal Experience

I have personally been using Ozone therapy daily for over 1 1/2 years now and I can say with confidence that it has been instrumental in helping me to win my personal war against Lyme and Biotoxin Mold Illness.  It has dramatically boosted my overall energy levels and sense of well-being.  Ozone has made a major impact on my athletic performance and training in the gym.  I strongly suggest Ozone therapy for anyone who wants to slow the aging process, prevent chronic illness, battle chronic illness and disease, increase overall performance levels on the athletic field or in the gym, or just looking for better overall health and wellness.   It is truly life-changing!


Ozone Therapy Summary:

Ozone Therapy has been used with dramatic success and safety worldwide for over 50 years.  While Ozone Therapy in North America has not yet been fully recognized by the medical community, the ever growing list of Ozone Doctors is a true reflection of its growing popularity.  Because it works, Ozone Therapy is becoming one of the most useful tools in clinics across America.

What is Ozone

Ozone is a version of oxygen (O3) that is “supercharged”,  which makes Ozone one the best and most natural ways of healing the body.  Ozone’s “supercharged” abilities mean that it can work quickly to improve energy production in the body and also improve the function of the immune system.  

The body naturally produces ozone to help the immune system to do its job.  However, if the body has poor oxygen utilization and becomes depleted of oxygen, the result is cell damage, death, and decay which can lead to any number of chronic illnesses and infections.  The best way to prevent chronic illness is to prevent it through better oxygen utilization in the cell, and that is exactly what Ozone provides. 

 What does Ozone do?  For a brief overview, Ozone accomplishes these very important tasks:

  1. Ozone is Anti-Aging – Ozone has been shown to lengthen the telomeres at the end of the chromosomes.  Telomeres are your markers for aging and reflect your true biological age. Some of the Anti-Aging Benefits of Ozone can be attributed to the following list of actions.


  1. Ozone Increases Oxygenation Utilization of your Cells – Science has shown that when the cells lack oxygen, they become weakened and also possibly die.  Cancer and disease grow in poorly oxygenated tissues in the body.


  1. Ozone Boosts Athletic Performance –  Ozone increases energy production and endurance, speeds recovery, lowers inflammation, breaks up lactic acid


  1. Ozone Boosts your Immune System - For people with a weak immune system, Ozone helps to boost the immune system.  For people with Auto-Immune Issues, Ozone will modulate the immune system to help stop it from attacking healthy human cells.


  1. Ozone Boosts Energy Production in your Cells – To be healthy your cells need energy.  Ozone boosts ATP production which is the fuel source for your cells, low energy production in the cells means that you will be at a higher risk of disease and premature aging. 


  1. Ozone Boosts your natural "Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Systems" - Ozone increase the production of natural Anti-Oxidants found in your body which in turn, will reduce the oxidation levels of the cells in your body.  This will help to prevent chronic illness and disease.


  1. Ozone Lowers the level of acidity of your body – Use Ozone instead of Alkaline Water.


  1.  Ozone kills Viruses, Bacteria, & Mold on contact –  And virtually all other organisms that cause disease.


  1. Ozone Kills Cancer cells on contact


 For more information on how Ozone can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.  Feel free to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

My Personal Experience

I first started using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy over 6 years ago.  As with EWOT and Ozone therapy, immediate and long term results are phenomenal.  Increased energy, faster recovery from workout or injury, better mental clarity, decreased inflammation and muscle soreness, a better sense of wellbeing, just to name a few.  It is no wonder that professional teams and world class athletes utilize HBOT daily. I would like to share the benefits with you!


What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) promotes the body's natural healing process by the breathing of 100% oxygen in an enclosed chamber.  The atmospheric pressure in the chamber is increased and controlled.  By increasing the body’s intake of oxygen, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can significantly improve your body’s ability to fight cell decay, disease, and chronic illness. 

HBOT oxygenates the cells which turn off inflammation and cell death and turns on the DNA and genes associated with growth and healing.  Flooding your cells with 100% oxygen destroys harmful bacteria, improves your immune system, and helps to repair damaged cells while promoting the development of new cells.  HBOT promotes the regeneration of blood vessels, bodily tissues, and nerves.  With an increase of oxygen, your red blood cells can carry more oxygen into the cells, thus promoting greater energy production, regeneration, and healing.


Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  1. Promotes the development of stem cells


  1. Helps to oxidative stress and inflammation


  1. Helps to improve circulation and development of new blood vessels


  1. In all tissues, oxygen concentration is increased


  1. Helps to improve blood flow to weak or damaged organs


  1. Helps destroy free radicals by stimulating the body’s antioxidant production


  1. Enhances white blood cell activity which attacks infections


  1. Helps with wound healing


  1. Increases energy levels, mobility, and stamina


  1. Promotes skin elasticity collagen production


   For more information on how HBOT can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.  Feel free to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

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