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Pure Harmony


Enter the New Paradigm of Optimum Health & Well Being.

The Pure Harmony Pendant works miracles by using the science of quantum physics through the power of harmonic resonance to help restore the Body, Mind, and Spirit back into harmony and balance.  As a result of this restorative process, past trauma, disharmony, and imbalances just fall away.  

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Please note...pendant will only harmonized with one person's biophoton field and cannot be used with mulitple people.

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Past Trauma and Energy Blocks


Core Vibrational Blueprint



Biophoton Field Regulation


In Pure Harmony


Positively Impacting


Redox Potential










Inner Peace




EMF Protection






A person throughout a lifetime is exposed to a variety of harmful environmental stressors that are typically found in the above graph. Any of these stressors can negatively impact the body on a cellular level causing oxidative stress (Loss of electrons) and inflammation.


This stress can potentially cause healthy coherent Light emissions from the chromatin in the cells to become incoherent and unhealthy, impairing the regulation of Light transmissions throughout the body's Biophoton field, and causing a cascade of disharmony, imbalances, and illness. The polarity of any one of the 13-axis found in the human Biophoton Field may also be negatively impacted, Leading to severe fatigue and illness.

The first steps in your journey to optimum health and performance are....


- discovering and addressing your personal hidden kryptonite

- restoring coherent light emissions from the cells

- restoring Biophoton Field regulation

- correcting Polarity issues


If any of the stressors/trauma found in any of the 6 categories are not detected and addressed, the result can be impaired light emissions negatively impacting the regulation of the body's biochemistry on every level.

Biophoton Field

Your Light Metabolism Explained

Unhealthy Biophoton Field

Sick Biophoton Field = Sick Body

Healthy Biophoton Field

Healthy Biophoton Field = Healthy Body


Heart Rate Variability

Unhealthy HRV

Stressors / Trauma are Present


  • Incoherent Heart Rhythms

  • Sympathetic Response - Fight or Flight

  • Increased Inflammation

  • Negatively Impacting Performance

  • Inhibits Brain Function

  • Elevated Cortisol Levels

  • Anxiety/Frustration

  • Disruptive Sleep

  • Increased Cellular Aging

Sick HRV = Sick Body

Healthy HRV

No Stressors / Trauma are Present

  • Coherent Heart Rhythms

  • Parasympathetic Response - Rest & Regeneration

  • Lowered Inflammation

  • Positively Impacting Performance

  • Facilitates Brain Function

  • Balanced Cortisol Levels

  • Appreciation/Peace

  • Restful Revitalizing Sleep

  • Decreased Cellular Aging

Healthy HRV = Healthy Body

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Mind, Body, and

The Mind, Body, and Spirit (MBS) throughout a lifetime is exposed to a variety of harmful stressors. This can negatively impact the natural core vibrational blueprint of the MBS, potentially causing a cascade of disharmony, imbalances, and illness.  This negative impact can also be referred to as trauma.  


The different types of stressors/trauma that can negatively impact the MBS are as follows….

1.  Structural Stressors/Trauma – muscle, bone, connective tissue, scars, etc  (car accidents, blunt trauma, falls, sprains, breaks, crashes, impacts, surgery, burns, dental, etc)


2. Chemical Stressors/Trauma –  viral & bacterial infections, parasites, fungus & mold, food allergies & sensitivities, genetic mutations (MTHFR), nutritional deficiencies, biochemical imbalances, vaccines, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, amalgam fillings, etc.  


3.  Emotional Stressos/Trauma - untimely deaths, abuse, neglect, accidents, events, negative programming, brainwashing, negative thoughts and/or emotion, unresolved psycho-emotional issues, etc.

4.  Electromagnetic Stressors/Trauma – non-native EMF (electromagnetic fields), WiFi, cell phones, computers,  TV, high power lines,  x-ray’s,  airplanes, florescent lights, LED lights, tanning beds,  smart meters, geopathic, etc.


5.  Spiritual Stressors/Trauma - Unresolved spiritual conflict or trauma, etc.   


6.  Other -  unclassified types of trauma

The Pure Harmony Pendant through the power of harmonic resonance helps to release past trauma, disharmony, and imbalances from the Body, Mind, & Spirit BMS, and to restore the Core Vibrational Blueprint back into harmony, and back to its original design.



According to quantum physics, everything in the universe, living and non-living is in a state of vibrational resonance.  What was once thought to be solid matter is now discovered to be energy that consists of wavelengths, vibrations and frequencies.


All matter is made up of atoms, and atoms because of their unique makeup are always moving and vibrating. As electrons within these atoms move and spin around the nucleus, these electrons give off a precise vibrations and frequencies like mini radio transmitters.  How precise, so precise that no two substances in the universe have the exact same vibrational blueprint or frequency. 


The Body, Mind, and Spirit BMS recognizes all matter by its precise vibration and frequency.  The precise vibration and frequency of a substance, (including that of the Body, Mind, and Spirit BMS) is what I call its “Core Vibrational Blueprint”.


Harmonious and Disharmonious Vibrations and Frequencies


The precise vibrations and frequencies of two or more individual systems can be interactive with one another.  This interaction between two or more systems can have either a positive impact or negative impact on the systems involved.  


If there is a positive impact between the interacting systems, then the interacting systems vibrations and frequencies are said to be in harmony with one another.  This is also called harmonic resonance, much like two tuning forks tuned to the same frequency.  This harmonic resonance supports and strengthens the natural core vibrational blueprints and frequencies of the systems involved.










If there is a negative impact between the interacting systems, then the interacting systems vibrations and frequencies are said to be in disharmony with one another, or not in harmonic resonance with one another.  


This disharmony weakens the natural core vibration and frequencies of one or more of interacting systems.  This negative impact on an interacting system can also be referred to as "trauma" or as a "stressor".  


Harmonic Resonance and the Pendant 


The Pure Harmony Pendant through its unique design and unique activation process, aligns with the 8 main energetic pathways of the body.  This alignment causes the pendant to resonate at the same core vibrational blueprint of the BMS.


As a result, harmonic resonance is established between the two vibrating systems (BMS & Pendant) which produces a very large and powerful vibratory state, much like two vibrating tuning forks tuned to the same frequency. 


As a result of this powerful vibratory state, the core vibrational blueprint of the BMS is restored back to its original design, and past trauma/stessors and imbalances resulting from exposure to disharmonious vibrating systems is released.  The BMS is now back on track to optimum health & wellness.




For many people the concept of Vibrational Medicine which is also referred to as energy medicine, is hard to understand at first, but we actually live in world of vibrations and frequencies and these vibrations and frequencies are a part of everyday life.  


When you hear a sound, your eardrum vibrates and you are actually hearing one form of vibrating energy.  When you see a color which is a wavelength of light, you are actually seeing another form of vibrating energy.  When you smell something, you are actually sensing another form of vibrating energy.  There’s no escaping it, everything in the universe is made up of and consists of vibrations and frequencies.  

Although Vibrational Medicine has been widely used in the Far East, only recently has Vibrational Medicine gained new acceptance in Western medicine thanks to the understanding of quantum physics and quantum biology.  It’s just a simple case of “Old School Medicine” becoming “New School Medicine” once again.

Vibrational medicine has an ever evolving and expanding viewpoint of optimum health, illness, and disease.  Vibrational medicine takes into consideration the vast spectrum of vibrations, frequencies, and wavelengths found throughout the world and the Universe, and the impact that they have on the “multidimensional” human body.

There’s no escaping it, everything in the universe is made up of and consists of vibrations and frequencies.  ​

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