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Pure Harmony 


About Pure Harmony Pendant

Welcome to Pure Harmony, and enter the New Paradigm of Optimum Health and Well Being.   Many of you visiting the Pure Harmony web site for the first time may have already witnessed the miraculous benefits of the Pure Harmony Pendant.  I am sure that many of you are wondering, how the heck does the Pure Harmony Pendant work?  Well that is a very good question that I am going to attempt to answer for you today. 

 The Pure Harmony Pendant works miracles by using the science of quantum physics through the power of harmonic resonance to help restore the body, mind, and spirit (BMS) back into harmony and balance.  As a result of this restorative process, past trauma, disharmony, and imbalances just fall away.  This restorative process is referred to as Vibrational Medicine/Energy Medicine. 

Vibrational Medicine and Harmonic Resonance

For many people the concept of Vibrational Medicine which is also referred to as energy medicine, is hard to understand at first, but we actually live in world of vibrations and frequencies and these vibrations and frequencies are a part of everyday life.  When you hear a sound, your eardrum vibrates and you are actually hearing one form of vibrating energy.  When you see a color or a wavelength of light, you are actually seeing another form of vibrating energy.  When you smell something, you are actually sensing another form of vibrating energy.  There’s no escaping it, everything in the universe is made up of and consists of vibrations and frequencies.  

Because Vibrational Medicine (Energy Medicine) is relatively new to the Western World, many times people may think of it as being “new age” or something “out there”.  However, Vibrational Medicine is actually “Old School Medicine” that has been around for thousands of years and was used extensively by many well-known ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, the Egyptians, and the Aztecs. 

 Although Vibrational Medicine has been widely used in the Far East, only recently has Vibrational Medicine gained new acceptance in Western medicine thanks to the understanding of quantum physics, quantum biology, and advanced technology.   It’s just a simple case of “Old School Medicine” becoming “New School Medicine” once again.

Vibrational medicine has an ever evolving and expanding viewpoint of optimum health, illness, and disease.   Vibrational medicine takes into consideration the vast spectrum of vibrations, frequencies, and wavelengths found throughout the world and the Universe, and the impact that they have on the “multidimensional” human body.

Conventional medicine is now using attributes of vibrational medicine to diagnose, treat, and heal all types of illnesses and disorders.  Many forms of vibrational medicine have already found their way into to mainstream medicine such as the F.D.A. approved low level laser therapy, ultra sound, M.R.I. imaging, ultraviolet light, ultra sound, electrocardiography (ECG),  electroencephalography (EEG) , and the pacemaker are just a few examples of this.  Many experts in this field believe that Vibrational Medicine is the future of all medicine.

While many forms of Western medicine have many undesirable side effects, one of the great attributes of vibrational medicine is the lack of negative side effects associated with it.  Vibration medicine also has the unique ability to detect and address many types health issues and stressors that Western medicine has been unable diagnose and treat in the past. Because of this, many chronically ill people who have gotten little or no results with conventional medicine are turning to vibrational medicine, with great success. 

What is Resonance?

According to quantum physics, everything in the universe, living and non-living is in a state of vibrational resonance.  What was once thought to be solid matter is now discovered to be energy that consists of wavelengths, vibrations and frequencies.  All matter is made up of atoms and atoms because of their unique makeup are always moving and vibrating.  

As electrons within these atoms move and spin around the nucleus, these electrons give off a precise vibrations and frequencies like mini radio transmitters.  How precise, so precise that no two substances in the universe have the exact same vibrational blueprint or frequency.  The body, mind, and spirit BMS recognizes all matter and substances by their precise vibration and frequency.  This precise vibration and frequency of a substance, including that of the body, mind, and spirit BMS, is called it's resonant frequency.   The precise resonant frequency of a substance is its “vibrational fingerprint”. 

This is where vibrational medicine and harmonic resonance come into play. Vibrational medicine is also called Resonance Medicine.  Resonance is the ability of one vibrating system to influence the vibratory rate of another system.    Resonance occurs when 2 or more frequencies between two or more systems align and are in harmony with one another.   As these two systems begin to resonate in unison, a continual energy exchange between these two systems is then established.  This energy exchange can produce a very large and powerful vibration.

A very simple experiment to demonstrate harmonic resonance is the grand piano.  If you were to have four grand pianos in a room and you strike a chord on one of the grand pianos, you would see that the very same cord would also be vibrating on the other 3 grand pianos.  This is resonance in action.  If two objects contain the same natural core vibrational blueprint, they will begin to resonate together.  

Another great demonstration of resonance is the tuning fork, and how one vibrating tuning fork will set into vibration or resonance another tuning fork.  When the tines of a tuning fork are hit with a rubber mallet, energy is put into the tuning fork.   This input of energy then disturbs the particles in the tuning fork and forces the tuning fork into vibrational motion.  This vibrational motion is the tuning forks natural core frequency.  When another non-vibrating tuning fork with the same natural core frequency is brought into the same vicinity as the vibrating tuning fork, the non-vibrating tuning fork will then begin to vibrate as well.  







                                           (Youtube video demonstration of resonance between tuning forks!  Enjoy! )

Have you ever heard of a vocalist using their voice to shatter a wine glass?  This happens by the laws of resonance.  When the vocalist's voice matches the same core vibrational frequency of the glass, this causes resonance between the two and the glass shatters.  




















                                (This youtube video explains and demonstrates how resonance is used to shatter a glass)                                     

The ability of one vibrating object to force another object into vibrational motion is referred to as a forced vibration.   This is a pure example of resonance - when one object vibrating at the same natural core vibrational frequency of a second object, forces that second object into vibrational motion.  Regardless of the vibrating system, if resonance occurs, a large vibration results.   In the case of the vocalist in the video and the glass, the large vibration caused by resonance was powerful enough to shatter the glass.

 This is where the importance harmonics comes into play.   A harmonic is the mirror image of the natural vibration or frequency of an object.  However, a harmonic is much more.  A harmonic not only includes the natural core vibration or frequency of an object, but a harmonic also includes an infinite series of frequencies, which are all reflections of the natural core vibration or frequency of an object.  The result of this “harmonic resonance" between two or more systems is always a large and powerful vibration.  


Harmonious and Disharmonious Vibrations and Frequencies

The precise vibrations and frequencies of two or more individual system can be interactive with one another.   This interaction between two or more systems can have either a positive impact or negative impact on the systems involved.  

 If there is a positive impact between the interacting systems, then the interacting systems vibrations and frequencies are said to be in harmony with one another.  This is also called harmonic resonance.  This harmony supports and strengthens the natural core vibrational blueprints and frequencies of the systems involved.

 If there is a negative impact between the interacting systems, then the interacting systems vibrations and frequencies are said to be in disharmony with one another, or not in harmonic resonance with one another.   This disharmony weakens the natural core vibration and frequencies of one or more of interacting systems.  This negative impact on an interacting system can also be referred to as "trauma" or as a "stressor".  

I personally look at all things as either harmonious or disharmonious for the body, mind, and spirit (BMS).   If something is harmonious, then I have it on a harmonious scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the greatest.  If something is disharmonious, then I have it on a disharmonious scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being of the greatest disharmony.

These harmonious and disharmonious vibrations and frequencies affect all of us on a daily basis whether we know it or not.  If a person is exposed to more vibrations of disharmony than harmony, then the person's core vibrational blueprint may be negatively impacted through this ongoing trauma, and the person may start to resonate and vibrate with with more disharmony.  This disharmony can cause a cascade of imbalances throughout the body, soul, spirit (BMS).

The same holds true for harmony.  If the person is exposed to more vibrations of harmony than disharmony, then the person's BMS will be positively impacted and will start to resonate and vibrate in greater  harmony.  This is harmonic resonance.  If a person has more harmony entering the BMS than disharmony, then the BMS will respond accordingly and will start to resonate and vibrated with greater harmony and better health.  

You can very easily apply these principles of harmonic resonance, harmony, and disharmony to everyday life.   Have you ever heard someone say, “I really pick up a good vibe from that person”  or  “That place really has a good vibe”.   You may have also heard someone say, “I really resonate with that person”.  This is a case of harmonic resonance when the "good vibes" of two or more people are in harmony with one another. 

Have you ever noticed how your mood can change being around different types of people?   Have you ever been around happy people and their presence makes you happy?  Have you ever been around positive uplifting people and their positive attitude makes you positive? 

Or have you noticed how your positive and happy mood can quickly change being around negative people?   You might even say, “That person really neg’d me out.  I couldn’t believe it , I was in a bad mood all day!”  Many times when this happens, you may have taken that negative mood with you and negatively impact others, causing others to be in a negative vibrating mood also.       

 So in short, because everything is vibrational energy, this then means that everything is either in a state of harmony or disharmony, or in a state of harmonic resonance, or it is not in a state of harmonic resonance.    It is that simple!

What is trauma and/or stressors?

Once again, if there is a negative impact between interacting systems, then the interacting systems vibrations and frequencies are said to be in disharmony with one another.    This disharmony weakens the natural core vibrational blueprint and frequencies of one or more of interacting systems.  This negative impact on an interacting system is also referred to as trauma (or as a stressor).  The greater the negative impact, the greater the trauma, the greater the stress, the greater the system’s natural core vibrational blueprint is negatively affected.

When trauma occurs, it as though one system’s negative core vibrational fingerprint, is left imprinted on another systems natural core vibrational fingerprint.   This is a very important point to grasp and to understand.  What this actually means is that the operating system that has been negatively impacted by the impact by another operating system, may now contain 2 core vibrations instead of just one.  This operating system that has been traumatized may not only contain its very own natural core vibration, but it may also contain the core vibrational fingerprint of the system that impacted it and that caused the trauma.   This may weaken, corrupt, and modify the operating system’s natural core vibrational blueprint and frequency possibly forever.  

Another way to look at trauma is to think of your body at birth as a perfectly tuned grand piano, with hundreds of perfectly tuned strings that play in perfect harmony with one another.   Now imagine if someone were to throw a brick into your perfectly tuned piano?  The trauma of the impact would cause your piano to be slightly out of harmony.  Now imagine if someone else were to traumatize your piano by throwing a bucket of paint on many of your perfectly tuned strings.  What do you think would happen?  Now in combination with the trauma from the  brick, the result would be that a greater number of the strings would be traumatized.  The natural core vibration of these impacted strings has now been altered and changed possibly forever.   As a complete system, you are now playing in disharmony. 

Unfortunately, the negative impact of this trauma doesn’t end here.  As you continue to play, the disharmonious vibration of the traumatized strings has a negative impact on the remaining perfectly tuned strings by causing trauma and disharmony in them as well.   Before long, every perfectly tuned string in your piano has been negatively impacted in one way or another, and plays in total disharmony.  Your piano is a mess!  So let me ask you, would your piano be in harmony and harmonic resonance with other perfectly tuned pianos.   The answer is no, you would be in total disharmony and discourse.   This is the extreme danger of trauma.

If the body, mind, and spirit (BMS) is exposed to some type of trauma the healthy natural core vibrations of the body, mind, and spirit (BMS) can be negatively impacted and can become disharmonious, imbalanced, and weak.   The different types of trauma that can negatively impact the BMS are as follows….

1.  Structural Trauma/Imbalances – muscle, bone, joint, connective tissue, scars, etc  (car accidents, blunt trauma, falls, sprains, breaks, crashes, impacts, surgery, burns, dental, etc)

2.  Emotional Trauma/Imbalances - untimely deaths, abuse, neglect, accidents, events, negative programming, brainwashing, negative thoughts and/or emotion, unresolved psycho-emotional issues, etc.

3.  Chemical Trauma/Imbalances –  viral & bacterial infections, parasites, food allergies & sensitivities, MTHFR, nutritional deficiencies, biochemical imbalances, vaccines, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, amalgam fillings, etc.

4.  Electromagnetic Trauma/Imbalances – non-native EMF (electromagnetic fields), WiFi, cell phones,     computers,  TV, high power lines,  x-ray’s,  airplanes, florescent lights, LED lights, tanning beds,  smart meters, geopathic, etc.

5.  Spiritual Trauma - Unresolved spiritual conflict or trauma, etc.   

6.  Other -  unclassified types of trauma

A BMS that has been traumatized will have its healthy natural core vibration negatively impacted, corrupted, and weakened, and may lose its front line defense against other dangerous vibrating systems.  The BMS in this weakened vibrational state may not be able to withstand the harmful effects of dangerous vibrating systems such as viruses, bacteria, cancer, toxins, heavy metals, electromagnetic radiation, etc., and may no longer have the capacity withstand disease and illness.  


These dangerous vibrating systems that the healthy BMS once had the ability to energetically withstand in the past, now become energetic stressors, continuing to weaken the natural core vibration of the BMS and causing more disharmony.   These negative stressors can continue to negatively impact the natural core vibrations of the BMS causing a cascade of other imbalances and disharmony throughout the BMS.  Because of this trauma/stressor, BMS has entered into a tail spin of poor health and well-being.   Many people have been in a tailspin of poor health for such a long period of time, that they have forgotten how it feels to be healthy.

Harmonic Resonance for Healing and Restoration

If trauma/stressors can have such a negative energetic impact on the  own natural core vibration, then what type of vibrations and frequencies can have the greatest positive impact on the BMS's natural core vibration?   What type vibrations and frequencies can be used to effectively restore the BMS back to its natural core vibrational state, and back to optimum health and well-being? 

The main goal of vibrational medicine is to restore the BMS natural core vibrations and frequencies towards balance, equilibrium, and harmony.   This can be accomplished by the use of harmonic resonance, whereby introducing to the BMS healing and restorative vibrations and frequencies that invite the body back home to its natural core vibrational blueprint.   When the BMS's natural core vibrations are restored, disharmony, imbalances, and trauma, just fall away.

The most beneficial vibrations that can be introduced to the BMS to accomplish this restorative and healing process are the BMS’s own natural core vibrations.   These are also the vibrations and frequencies that are of the original design and of the original blueprint of the BMS. 


   These beneficial vibrations and frequencies also carry into the BMS a full spectrum of harmonic frequencies that enable each cell to easily match its very own precise natural core vibration with the  vast array of introduced restoring and healing vibrations.  These beneficial vibrations help to restore the cells back to their natural core vibration and vibrational blueprint and also help to restore the BMS to optimum health and wellness.

The Pure Harmony Pendant

 The Pure Harmony Pendant in its unique design and unique activation process is tuned perfectly to the BMS's own natural core vibrational blueprint.  The Pure Harmony Pendant when introduced to the BMS, positively impacts the natural core vibrations and and aligns with them through harmonic resonance.   This harmonic resonance then produces a very large and powerful vibratory state much like the demonstration that you witnessed involving the two tuning forks in the video.  This powerful state of harmonic resonance then restores the BMS back to its own natural core vibrational blueprint, back to its original design, and back to a place called home.  The trauma, stressors, and disharmony, just fall away.  The body is now back on track to optimum health and wellness. 

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