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In 1998, the now retired martial arts legend and ex-world champion many times over,  Rick “The Jet” Roufus  was concerned about the future of his career, “I was at a period in my career when I definitely felt tired and didn’t have much energy to fight with”, said Rick.   “A huge turning point in my career was when I started working with Robert who got my nutrition and supplementation dialed in.  I definitely felt 10 years younger.  The clarity, focus, and attention span were all just unbelievable.  I was able to recover from 1 fight to the next in a tournament without feeling that I just fought at all.  I would recommend Robert’s expertise to anyone without a doubt”


  • Kickboxing

    • 2003 K-1 World Grand Prix 2002 Preliminary USA runner up

    • 2002 K-1 World Grand Prix 2002 Preliminary USA runner up

    • 1999 I.K.F. International Rules Heavyweight World Champion

    • 1998 K-1 USA Grand Prix '98 champion

    • 1996 ISKA Full Contact Heavyweight World champion

    • 1994 IKF Full Contact Light Heavyweight World Champion

    • 1991-94 PKC Light Heavyweight World champion

    • 1991-94 ISKA Full Contact Light Heavyweight World champion

    • 1990 FFKA Light Heavyweight World champion

    • 1989 FFKA Super Middleweight World champion

    • 1987 KICK Super Middleweight World champion

    • 1986-89 PKC Middleweight U.S champion

    • 1986 PKC Light Middleweight U.S champion

  • Boxing

    • 1996 WBC Continental Americas Cruiserweight champion

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