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About Pure Harmony Living

Pure Harmony Living is a state of being when a person has obtained optimal health and wellness and is performing at their highest level in all areas of their lives.   

The first step in achieving Pure Harmony Living is detecting and addressing hidden stressors and past trauma that a person has been exposed to throughout his or her lifetime. These hidden stressors when left unchecked, can potentially cause a cascade of imbalances throughout the body, mind, and spirit.  So whether you are an elite athlete, business person, CEO, or stay home mom, these hidden stressors will prevent you from experiencing optimum health and performance.  This first step can be accomplished through the Pure Harmony Pendant, Autonomic Response Testing (ART), and its 5 Levels of Healing.


Autonomic Response Testing (ART) takes into consideration the person as a whole when detecting and addressing the following potential stressors and trauma: 


1.  Structural Stressors/Trauma – muscle, bone, connective tissue, scars, etc  (car accidents, blunt trauma, falls, sprains, breaks, crashes, impacts, surgery, burns, dental, etc)


2. Chemical Stressors/Trauma –  viral & bacterial infections, parasites, fungus & mold, food allergies & sensitivities, genetic mutations (MTHFR), nutritional deficiencies, biochemical imbalances, vaccines, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, amalgam fillings, etc.  


3.  Emotional Stressos/Trauma - untimely deaths, abuse, neglect, accidents, events, negative programming, brainwashing, negative thoughts and/or emotion, unresolved psycho-emotional issues, etc.


4.  Electromagnetic Stressors/Trauma – non-native EMF (electromagnetic fields), WiFi, cell phones, computers,  TV, high power lines,  x-ray’s,  airplanes, florescent lights, LED lights, tanning beds,  smart meters, geopathic, etc.


5.  Spiritual Stressors/Trauma - Unresolved spiritual conflict or trauma, etc.   


6.  Other -  unclassified types of trauma


ART believes that when one part of the whole person is under stress or has been traumatized, it can negatively impact all other parts. 


ART doesn't focus just on the physical symptoms. While the physical symptoms can be addressed by taking medication, unless the whole person is taken into consideration, the actual root cause of the problem will still exist.


ART doesn't just treat the symptoms, but instead, through advanced diagnostic protocols, it goes right to the root cause of symptoms.  Once the deep-rooted stressors and trauma are detected and addressed, many times the symptoms will clear themselves.  This allows the body, mind, and spirit to reset back into harmony and back into balance. Through healthy lifestyle choices, the person is now on track to optimum health and wellness. 



Pure Harmony Pendant

Experience the power of the Pure Harmony Pendant and enter a new paradigm of optimum health and wellness.  Many of you visiting the Pure Harmony Living web site for the first time may have already witnessed the miraculous benefits of the Pure Harmony Pendant. Many of you maybe wondering, "How the exactly does the Pure Harmony Pendant work anyway?  It sounds too good to be true!"  Well that is a very good question that I am going to answer for you today. 

The Pure Harmony Pendant works miracles through the science of quantum physics, by applying the power of harmonic resonance to help energetically restore the body back into harmony and balance.  As a result of this restorative process, past trauma, disharmony, and imbalances just fall away.  So whether you are young or old, business person, homemaker, CEO, elite athlete, weekend warrior, or student, everyone can see and feel the harmonizing benefits of the Pendant.    

 Here are a few of the benefits..............

  • release past trauma, imbalances, and disharmony

  • get the mind and body into harmony and balance

  • enhance natural energy and vitality

  • maximize energy production from the photoelectric effect 

  • promotes strength, endurance, speed, quickness, and agility

  • enhance recovery after exercise

  • protect from harmful electromagnetic fields EMF 

       (cell phones, TV’s, PC's, tanning beds, high power lines, wifi, etc.)

  • enhance proper alignment of the spine

  • promotes relief from aches and pains

  • helps recovery after injury or illness

  • clear hidden food sensitivities

  • enhance the metabolism and immune system

  • promotes safe and healthy weight loss

  • And yes,…. there are more benefits!

Success Stories

The call from Robert couldn't have come at a better time!  Any runner will tell you that the only way to get over PF is to stop running.  I did just the opposite and have enjoyed my 50 plus mile weeks again!  So thankful for Robert, the pendant, and moomyio!!!

Kate Criswell - Runner From Colorado

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